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To connect all people everywhere with high quality goods, services, and technologies quickly and cost effectively.  

Who Is SourceNetTM

SourceNetTM is a global location, acquisition, and distribution network assembled from visionary leaders, vendors, suppliers, providers, and end users who are engaged in fields including manufacturing, industry, agriculture, production, service, medicine, exchange, transport, research, technology, and more.  All involved in SourceNetTM's resource supply chain have been chosen because of their extension of professional service, provision of high quality goods, and for the manner in which they stand behind what they deliver.  SourceNetTM is dedicated to locating and working with the world's best companies in its provision of cutting edge goods, services, and technologies to those in need at affordable prices.  If you are looking for something as illusive as the proverbial needle in the haystack anywhere on planet SourceNetTM today!  


How Does SourceNetTM  Get the Job Done? 

SourceNetTM and its owners find what you need by utilizing their ever-growing worldwide network.  When you call SourceNetTM, they poll their network partners to determine who makes, supplies, and/or delivers what you need.  Upon receipt of your call, SourceNetTM will request your personal and business name, how and when you may be reached, your list of what you need, when you must have it, other relevant information, and have you sign a letter of engagement which defines all terms and conditions.  Once done, SourceNetTM will commence their search on your behalf while keeping you advised along the way as to what they find, to advise you of any additional requirements or limitations, and to complete the task ASAP!  All contracted location, acquisition, and distribution services provided by SourceNetTM on your behalf shall require a commencement deposit, full payment on or before date of delivery, and that all applicable documents be signed prior to providing service.  If you have further questions, call SourceNetTM today!